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A few videos to help your home practice

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Standing Poses


A simple Standing Poses practice with minimum props. A good overall yoga practice to lighten the body and mind.

Back Bends


This back bends practice is suitsble for people ust starting "baby back bends" or students a bit more experienced. 

Props needed: 2 blocks, a belt and a chair (a household chair is suitable). Optional: blanket and bolster

Back Pain


A simple practice to release lower back pain. 
Props needed: chair, belt, block and 1-2 blankets

Restorative - Emotional Stability


This is a quiet practice with supported poses maintained for longer period of time. It is suited for more students familiar with using props and inverted poses, although alternative options are suggested.

Ideal if you are tired, unwell, feeling emotionally stressed or anxious... 


You will need a few additional props: ideally a chair, 2 blankets, 2 blocks and a bolster (this can be substituted with blankets), 

Restorative and Pranayama


The first part of this video is a simple sequence of restorative and inverted poses to quiet the mind in preparation for Pranayama practice.

A Pranayama practice is then introduced: first lying on blankets then simple sitting. 

Props needed: blankets x 2 or 3, belt, bolster, chair (you can modify with a household chair), shoulder stand pads optional.

Uplifting Practice

General Level

A stronger flowing sequence with Salutes to the Sun, standing poses and inverted. Great for an uplifting morning practice.

Although a 50 min practice,  you could practice the first 30 min segment of flowing standing asanas if you are short of time.

Sirsasana Part 1
Head Stand Preparation


This is a step by step video to prepare for a Head Stand. 
It also demonstrates the first step of going up and gives a couple of tips.

Sirsasana Part 2
Free Balancing in Head Stand


Once you can confidently go up and stay up in Sirsasana, here are techniques to learn to free balance first to the wall and eventually away from the wall

Sirsasana part 3
Head Stand Alternatives


Options for those unable to do head for reasons such as to high blood pressure, menstruation, neck issue

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