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About Lou

Iyengar Yoga Tradition  

Poses are taught with an emphasis on body alignment.    The use of props such as blocks and belts help people of varying ages, health and fitness to enjoy the benefits of yoga.

About Lou

Yoga has helped me through physical, metal and emotional life challenges for over 20 years. I am a dedicated practitioner and an enthusiastic teacher who loves encouraging my students to progress.  

Group Classes

Taught in the heart of Sawtell. All the equipment is provided, all levels welcome. Come 10 minutes early to set up. I will ask you if you have any injuries I should know about.

Private Classes

Taught from my beautiful small studio in Sawtell, fully equipped. Available for people who want to start or have an established home practice. You will get help to customise your own practice, and address issues that might get in the way of your progress. 

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About Theresa

Theresa’s Iyengar yoga journey started in Canberra in 2009, with Alan Goode’s Yoga Mandir school. Having had neck, shoulder and repetitive stress injuries, Theresa was first drawn to Iyengar yoga for rehabilitation, and the awareness of alignment and posture. But immediately she was also drawn by its integrity and rigor, and coming with a scientific background, she finds the precision of alignment and ability to adapt asanas for all body types inspiring.  

Iyengar yoga has become a central part of Theresa’s life in aligning physically and mentally and she is continuously seeking to learn about her own body and how to assist others. 

Theresa is inspired by many teachers of Iyengar yoga and believes in the benefits of learning from many. She attends practices and workshops all around Australia, but maintains her core connection with the Lismore Yoga Studio under the tuition of Senior Teacher Julie Hodges.

Theresa complete her Purna Yoga teacher training in Byron Bay in 2015, however is 2.5 years into her 3 year Level 1 Iyengar Yoga Teacher training with Julie Hodges at the Lismore Yoga Studio.

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Sawtell Iyengar Yoga

21 Elizabeth St, Sawtell NSW

0402 676 426

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